SMA Publications 2004

Taiwanese Institutes

  1. J. Wang, Q. Zhang, Z. Wang, P. T. P. Ho, G. G. Fazio, & Y. Wu, Warm Molecular Gas in Galaxy-Galaxy Merger NGC 6090, 2004, ApJ, 616, L67 ( ADS | astro-ph/0405435)

  2. D. Iono, P. T. P. Ho, M. S. Yun, S. Matsushita, A. B. Peck, & K. Sakamoto, High-Density Molecular Gas in the Infrared-bright Galaxy System VV 114, 2004, ApJ, 616, L63 ( ADS | astro-ph/0403429)

  3. K. Sakamoto, S. Matsushita, A. B. Peck, M. C. Wiedner, & D. Iono, Molecular Gas around the Double Nucleus in M83, 2004, ApJ, 616, L59 ( ADS | astro-ph/0403145)

  4. S. Matsushita, K. Sakamoto, C.-Y. Kuo, P.-Y. Hsieh, D.-V. Trung, R.-Q. Mao, D. Iono, A. B. Peck, M. C. Wiedner, S.-Y. Liu, N. Ohashi, & J. Lim, Submillimeter Array 12CO (J=3-2) Interferometric Observations of the Central Region of M51, 2004, ApJ, 616, L55 ( ADS | astro-ph/0407643)

  5. K. H. Young, T. R. Hunter, D. J. Wilner, M. A. Gurwell, J. W. Barrett, R. Blundell, R. Christensen, D. Fong, N. Hirano, P. T. P. Ho, S. Y. Liu, K. Y. Lo, R. Martin, S. Matsushita, J. M. Moran, N. Ohashi, D. C. Papa, N. Patel, F. Patt, A. Peck, C. Qi, M. Saito, A. Schinckel, H. Shinnaga, T. K. Sridharan, S. Takakuwa, C. E. Tong, & D. V. Trung, Submillimeter Array Observations of CS J = 14-13 Emission from the Evolved Star IRC +10216, 2004, ApJ, 616, L51 ( ADS | astro-ph/0403418 )

  6. H. Shinnaga, J. M. Moran, K. H. Young, & P. T. P. Ho, Interferometric Observation of the Highly Polarized SiO Maser Emission from the v = 1, J = 5-4 Transition Associated with VY Canis Majoris, 2004, ApJ, 616, L47 ( ADS | astro-ph/0408298)

  7. N. Hirano, H., Shinnaga, D.-V. Trung, D. Fong, E. Keto, N. Patel, C. Qi, K. H. Young, Q. Zhang, & J. Zhao, High-Velocity Bipolar Outflow and Disklike Envelope in the Carbon Star V Hydrae, 2004, ApJ, 616, L43 ( ADS | astro-ph/0407337)

  8. Y.-N. Su, S.-Y. Liu, J. Lim, N. Ohashi, H. Beuther, Q. Zhang, P. Sollins, T. Hunter, T. K. Sridharan, J.-H. Zhao, & P. T. P. Ho, Search for Calibrators for the Submillimeter Array. I. High-Mass Star-forming Regions, 2004, ApJ, 616, L39 ( ADS | astro-ph/0404458)

  9. P. K. Sollins, T. R. Hunter, J. Battat, H. Beuther, P. T. P. Ho, J. Lim, S. Y. Liu, N. Ohashi, T. K. Sridharam, Y. N. Su, J.-H. Zhao & Q. Zhang, Mapping the Outflow from G5.89-0.39 in SiO J = 5 --> 4, 2004, ApJ, 616, L35 ( ADS | astro-ph/0403524)

  10. H. Beuther, Q. Zhang, L. J. Greenhill, M. J. Reid, D. Wilner, E. Keto, D. Marrone, P. T. P. Ho, J. M. Moran, R. Rao, H. Shinnaga, & S.-Y. Liu, Subarcsecond Submillimeter Continuum Observations of Orion KL, 2004, ApJ, 616, L31 ( ADS | astro-ph/0406566)

  11. Y.-J. Kuan, H.-C. Huang, S. B. Charnley, N. Hirano, S. Takakwwa, D. J. Wilner, S.-Y. Liu, N. Ohashi, T. L. Bourke, C. Qi, & Q. Zhang, Organic Molecules in Low-Mass Protostellar Hot Cores: Submillimeter Imaging of IRAS 16293-2422, 2004, ApJ, 616, L27 ( ADS | astro-ph/0410027)

  12. H. Beuther, T. R. Hunter, Q. Zhang, T. K. Sridharan, J.-H. Zhao, P. Sollins, P. T. P. Ho, N. Ohashi, Y. N. Su, J. Lim, & S.-Y. Liu, Submillimeter Array Outflow/Disk Studies in the Massive Star-forming Region IRAS 18089-1732, 2004, ApJ, 616, L23 ( ADS | astro-ph/040250)

  13. H. Beuther, Q. Zhang, T. R. Hunter, T. K. Sridharan, J.-H. Zhao, P. Sollins, P. T. P. Ho, S.-Y. Liu, N. Ohashi, Y. N. Su, & J. Lim, Submillimeter Array Multiline observations of the Massive Star-forming region IRAS 18089-1732, 2004, ApJ, 616, L21 ( ADS | astro-ph/0406020)

  14. S. Takakuwa, N. Ohashi, P. T. P. Ho, C. Qi, D. J. Wilner, Q. Zhang, T. L. Bourke, N. Hirano, M. Choi, & J. Yang, Submillimeter Array Observations of L1551 IRS 5 in CS J = 7-6, 2004, ApJ, 616, L15 ( ADS | astro-ph/0404346)

  15. C. Qi, P. T. P. Ho, D. J. Wilner, S. Takakuwa, N. Hirano, N. Ohashi, T. L. Bourke, Q. Zhang, G. A. Blake, M. Hogerheijde, M. Saito, M. Choi, & J. Yang, Imaging the Disk around TW Hydrae with the Submillimeter Array, 2004, ApJ, 616, L11 ( ADS | astro-ph/0403412)

  16. P. T. P. Ho, J. M. Moran, & K. Y. Lo, The Submillimeter Array, 2004, ApJ, 616, L1 ( ADS | astro-ph/0406352)


  1. J. B. Battat, R. Blundell, J. M. Moran, & S. Paine, Atmospheric Phase Correction Using Total Power Radiometry at the Submillimeter Array, 2004, ApJ, 616, L71 ( ADS | astro-ph/0407142)

  2. M. A. Gurwell, Submillimeter Observations of Titan: Global Measures of Stratospheric Temperature, CO, HCN, HC3N, and the Isotopic Ratios 12C/13C and 14N/15N, 2004, ApJ, 616, L7 ( ADS | astro-ph/0407169)
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