SMA Publications 2005

Taiwanese Institutes

  1. N. Patel, S. Curiel, T. K. Sridharan, Q. Zhang, T. R. Hunter, P. T. P. Ho, J. M. Torelles, J. M. Moran, J. F. Gomez, & G. Anglada, "A Disk of Dust and Molecular Gas Around a High-Mass Protostar", 2005, Nature, 437, 1038 ( ADS | astro-ph/0509637 )

  2. H.-C. Huang, Y.-J. Kuan, S. B. Charnley, N. Hirano, S. Takakuwa, & T. L. Bourke, "Organic Molecules in the Hot Corinos and Circumstellar Disks of IRAS 16293-2422", 2005, Advances in Space Research, 36, 146 ( ADS | astro-ph/0504271)

  3. L. A. Zapata, L. F. Rodriguez, P. T. P. Ho, Q. Zhang, C. Qi , & S. E. Kurtz, "A Highly Collimated, Young and Fast CO(2-1) Outflow in OMC1 South", 2005, ApJ, 630, 85 ( ADS | astro-ph/0505045)

  4. H. Beuther, Q. Zhang, L .J. Greenhill, M. J. Reid, D. Wilner, E. Keto, H. Shinnaga, P. T. P. Ho, J. M. Moran, S.-Y. Liu , & C.-M. Chang, "Submm Line Imaging of Orion-KL with the Submillimeter Array", 2005, ApJ, 628, 800 (ADS | astro-ph/0506603)


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  3. T. L. Bourke, A. Crapsi, P. C. Myers, N. J.II Evans, D. J. Wilner, T. L. Huard, J. K. Jorgensen, C. H. Young, "Discovery of a Low Mass Bipolar Molecular Outflow from L1014-IRS with the Submillimeter Array", 2005, ApJ, 633, L129 (ADS| astro-ph/0509865)

  4. J. K. Jorgensen, T. L. Bourke, P. C. Myers, F. L. Schoier, E. F. van Dishoeck, and D. J. Wilner, "Probing the Inner 200 AU of Low-mass Protostars with the Submillimeter Array: Dust and Organic Molecules in NGC1333-IRAS 2A", 2005, ApJ, 632, 973 (ADS| astro-ph/0506671)

  5. J. P. Williams, S. M. Andrews, and D. J. Wilner, "The Masses of the Orion Proplyds from Submillimeter Dust Emission", 2005, ApJ, 634, 495 (ADS| astro-ph/0506225)

  6. C. Chandler, C. L. Brogan, Y. L. Shirley, and L. Loinard, "IRAS 16293-2422: Proper Motions, Jet Precession, the Hot Core, and the Unambiguous Detection of Infall", 2005, ApJ, 632, 371 (ADS| astro-ph/0506435)

  7. H. Beuther, Q. Zhang, T. K. Sridharan, and Y. Chen, "Testing the Massive Disk Scenario for IRAS18089-1732", 2005, ApJ, 628, 800 (ADS | astro-ph/0504468)

  8. Sean M. Andrews and Jonathan P. Williams, "Submillimeter Array Observations of Disks in the SR 24 Multiple Star System", 2005, ApJ, 619, L175 (ADS | astro-ph/0411131)

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