SMA Publications 2006

Taiwanese Institutes

  1. Jeong-Eun Lee, James Di Francesco, Shih-Ping Lai, Tyler L. Bourke, Neal J. Evans II, Bill Spiesman, Philip C. Myers, Lori E. Allen, Timothy Y. Brooke, Alicia Porras, Zahed Wahhaj, The Spitzer c2d Survey of Nearby Dense Cores: III: Low Mass Star Formation in a Small Group, L1251B, 2006, ApJ, 648, 491 (ADS | astro-ph/0605475) P.J. Chiu,Hoang-Chi-Thiem, Dinh-V-Trung, J. Lim, S. Kwok, N. Hirano, & C.Muthu, "A slowly expanding disk and fast bipolar outflowfrom the s star pi gru", 2006, ApJ, 645, 605 (ADS)

  2. S.-Y. Lin, N. Ohashi, J. Lim, P. T.P. Ho, Misato Fukagawa, & Motohide Tamura, Possible Molecular Spiral Arms in the Protoplanetary Disk of AB Aur, 2006, ApJ, 645, 1297 (ADS| astro-ph/0603414)

  3. D. P. Marrone, J. M. Moran, J.-H. Zhao, & R. Rao, Interferometric Measurements of Variable 340 GHz Linear Polarization in Sagittarius A*, 2006, ApJ, 640, 308 (ADS| astro-ph/0511653)

  4. C.-F. Lee, P. T. P. Ho, H. Beuther, T. L. Bourke, Q. Zhang, N. Hirano, & H. Shang, Infall and Outflow around the HH 212 protostellar system, 2006, ApJ, 639, 292 (ADS | astro-ph/0511059)

  5. K. Sakamoto, P. T. P. Ho, D. Iono, E. Keto, R.-Q. Mao, S. Matsushita, A. B. Peck, M. C. Wiedener, D. J. Wilner, & J.-H. Zhao, Molecular Superbubbles in the Starburst Galaxy NGC 253, 2006, ApJ, 636, 685 (ADS | astro-ph/0509430)

  6. H. Beuther, Q. Zhang, M. J. Reid, T. R. Hunter, L. J. Greenhill, M. Gurwell, D. Wilner, J. -H. Zhao, H. Shinnaga, E. Keto, P. T. P. Ho, J. M. Moran, & S.-Y. Liu, Submillimeter Array 440 Micron/690GHz Line and Continuum Observations of Orion-KL, 2006, ApJ, 636, 323 (ADS | astro-ph/0509771)

  7. C. Qi, D. J. Wilner, N. Calvet, T. L. Bourke, G. A. Blake, M. R. Hogerheijde, P. T. P. Ho, & E. Bergin, CO J = 6-5 Observations of TW Hydrae with the Submillimeter Array, 2006, ApJ, 636, 157 (ADS | astro-ph/0512122)

  8. N. Hirano, S.-Y. Liu , H. Shang, P. T. P. Ho, H.-C. Huang, Y.-J. Kuan, M. J. McCaughrean, & Q. Zhang, SiO J = 5-4 in the HH 211 Protostellar Jet Imaged with the Submillimeter Array, 2006, ApJ, 636, 141 ( ADS | astro-ph/0512252)

  9. A. Palau, P. T. P. Ho, Q. Zhang, R. Estalella, N. Hirano, H. Shang, C.-F. Lee, T. L. Bourke, H. Beuther, Y.-J. Kuan, Submillimeter Emission from the Hot Molecular Jet HH 211, 2006, ApJ, 636, 137 ( ADS | astro-ph/0512306)

  10. L. A. Zapata, P. T. P. Ho, L. F. Rodriguez, C. R. O'Dell, Q. Zhang, A. Muench, Silicon Monoxide Observations Reveal a Cluster of Hidden Compact Outflows in the OMC1 South Region, 2006, ApJ, 653, 398 (ADS | astro-ph/0608133)

  11. J. M. Girart, R. Rao, D.P. Marrone, Magnetic Fields in the Formation of Sun-Like Stars, 2006, Science, 313, 812 (ADS | astro-ph/0606043

  12. D. Iono, M. S. Yun, M. Elvis, A. Peck, P. T. P. Ho, D. J. Wilner, T. R. Hunter, S. Matsushita, S. Muller, A Detection of [CII] line emission in the z=4.7 QSO BR1202-0725, 2006, ApJ, 645, L97 (ADS | astro-ph/0606043)

  13. Kazushi Sakamoto, Paul T. P. Ho, Alison B. Peck, Imaging Molecular Gas in the Luminous Merger NGC 3256 : Detection of High-Velocity Gas and Twin Gas Peaks in the Double Nucleus, 2006, ApJ, 644, 862 (ADS | astro-ph/0603079)

  14. D. Iono, A. B. Peck, A. Pope, C. Borys, D. Scott, D. J. Wilner, M. Gurwell, P. T. P. Ho, M. S. Yun, S. Matsushita, G. R. Petitpas, J. S. Dunlop, M. Elvis, A. Blain, E. Le Floc'h, Interferometric 890 micron Images of High Redshift Submillimeter Galaxies, 2006, ApJ, 640, L1 (ADS | astro-ph/0602226)

  15. A. Eckart, F. K. Baganoff, R. Schoedel, M. Morris, R. Genzel, G.C. Bower, D. Marrone, J.M. Moran, T. Viehmann, M.W. Bautz, W.N. Brandt, G.P. Garmire, T. Ott, S. Trippe, G.R. Ricker, C. Straubmeier, D.A. Roberts, F. Yusef-Zadeh, J. H. Zhao, R. Rao, The Flare Activity of SgrA* New Coordinated mm to X-Ray Observations, 2006, A&A, 450, 535 (ADS| astro-ph/0512440


  1. R. Sahai, K. Young, N.A. Patel, C. S'anchez Contreras, M. Morris, A Massive Bipolar Outflow and a Dusty Torus with Large Grains in the Pre-Planetary Nebula IRAS 22036+5306, 2006, ApJ, 653, 1241 (ADS | astro-ph/0609455)

  2. F. L. Schoeier, D. Fong, H. Olofsson, Q. Zhang, N. Patel, The distribution of SiO in the circumstellar envelope around IRC+10216, 2006, ApJ, 649, 965 (ADS | astro-ph/0605485)

  3. T.R. Hunter, C.L. Brogan, S.T. Megeath, K.M. Menten, H. Beuther, S. Thorwirth, Millimeter Multiplicity in NGC 6334 I and I(N), 2006, ApJ, 649, 888 (ADS | astro-ph/0605468)

  4. A. Karastergiou, R. Neri, M. A. Gurwell, Adapting and expanding interferometric arrays, 2006, ApJS, 164, 552 (ADS | astro-ph/0602578)

  5. A. Raman, M. Lisanti, D.J. Wilner, C. Qi, M. Hogerheijde, A Keplerian Disk around the Herbig Ae star HD169142, 2006, AJ, 131, 2290 (ADS| astro-ph/0512478)

  6. H. Beuther, Q. Zhang, T.K. Sridharan, C.-F. Lee, L.A. Zapata, The high-mass star-forming region IRAS18182-1433, 2006, A&A, 454, 221 (ADS | astro-ph/0603814)

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