SMA Publications 2007

Taiwanese Institutes

  1. M. Krips, A.B. Peck, K. Sakamoto, G.B. Petitpas, D.J. Wilner, S. Matsushita, D. Iono, " SMA High Angular Resolution Imaging of the Lensed Quasar APM08279+5255, 2007", 2007, ApJ, 671, L5 (ADS | astro-ph/0710.4956)

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  3. Su, Yu-Nung, Liu, Sheng-Yuan, Chen, Huei-Ru, Zhang, Qizhou, and Cesaroni, Riccardo, "Outflows from the Luminous Young Stellar Object IRAS 20126+4104:From 4000 AU to 0.4 pc", 2007, ApJ, 671, 571 (ADS | astro-ph)

  4. Manoj, P., Ho, P. T. P., Ohashi, N., Zhang, Q.,Hasegawa, T., and Chen, H.-R., and Bhatt, H. C., and Ashok N. M., "An evolved disk surrounding the massive main sequence star MWC 297?", 2007, ApJ, 667, 187 (ADS | astro-ph/0708.2064)

  5. Lee, C. F., Ho, P. T. P., Palau, A., Hirano, N., Bourke, T.L, Shang, H., and Zhang, Q., "Submillimeter Arcsecond-Resolution Mapping of the Highly Collimated Protostellar Jet HH211", 2007, ApJ, 670, 1188 (ADS | astro-ph/0708.1365)

  6. Zapata, L.A., Ho, P.T.P., Rodriguez, L.F., Schilke, P., and Kurtz, S., "Circumbinary Molecular Rings Around Massive Young Stars in Orion", 2007, A&A, 471, L59 (ADS | astro-ph/0707.1293)

  7. Torrelles, J.M., Patel, N.A., Curiel, S., Ho, P.T.P., Garay, G., and Rodriguez, L.F., "The Circumstellar Structure and Excitation Effects around the Massive Protostar Cepheus A HW2", 2007, ApJ, 666, L37 (ADS | astro-ph/0707.3223)

  8. Nakashima, J., Fong, D., Hasegawa, T., Hirano, N., Koning, N., Kwok, S., Lim, J., Trung, D. V., Young, K, "Submillimeter Array Observation of the Very Young Planetary Nebula CRL 618", 2007, AJ, 134, 2035 (ADS | astro-ph/0707.4035)

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  11. Chin-Fei Lee, Paul T. P. Ho, Henrik Beuther, Tyler L. Bourke, Naomi Hirano, Hsien Shang, Qizhou Zhang, "HH 212: SMA Observations of a Remarkable Protostellar Jet", 2007, ApJ, 659, 499 (ADS | astro-ph/0701284)

  12. Jes K. Jorgensen, Tyler L. Bourke, Philip C. Myers, James Di Francesco, Ewine F. van Dishoeck, Chin-Fei Lee, Nagayoshi Ohashi, Fredrik L. Schoeier, Shigehisa Takakuwa, David J. Wilner, and Qizhou Zhang, "A Submillimeter Array Survey of Low-Mass Protostars I. Overview of Program: Envelopes, Disks, Outflows and Hot Cores", 2007, ApJ, 659, 479 (ADS | astro-ph/0701115)

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  14. Qizhou Zhang, Todd R. Hunter, H. Beuther, T. K. Sridharan, S.-Y. Liu, Y.-N. Su, H.-R. Chen, Y. Chen, "Multiple Jets from the High-Mass (Proto)stellar Cluster AFGL5142", 2007, ApJ, 658, 1152 (ADS | astro-ph/0612027)

  15. Sawada-Satoh S., Ho P. T. P., Muller S., Matsushita S. & Lim J., "Structure and kinematics of CO (J=2-1) emission in the central region of NGC4258", 2007, ApJ, 658, 851 (ADS | astro-ph/0612303)

  16. N. A. Patel, S. Curiel, Q. Zhang, T. K. Sridharan, P. T. P. Ho, J. M. Torrelles, "Submillimeter Array Observations of 321 GHz Water Maser Emission in Cepheus A", 2007, ApJ, 658, 55 (ADS | astro-ph/0702696)

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  1. Wei-Hao Wang, Lennox L. Cowie, Jennifer van Saders, Amy J. Barger, Jonathan P. Williams, "GOODS 850-5 -- A z>4 Galaxy Discovered in the Submillimeter?", 2007, ApJ, 670, L89 (ADS | astro-ph/0710.1654)

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