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The primary task for the ASIAA is to build two complete SMA elements in Taiwan. Each element includes the antenna mount, antenna cabin, backup structure, primary reflector, receiver system with SIS receiver modules, and the associated electronic system. The ASIAA engineers have been supervising two major local contractors to build the antennas. The China Ship Building Co. (CSBC, 中國造船廠,基隆) is responsible for the construction of antenna mounts, and the associated mechanical structure, while the Aeronautic Research Laboratory (ARL, 中科院第一研究所) takes charge of the antenna integration, including mechanical and electrical assembling, reflector/mount assembling, and system integration, etc. We have worked with local manufacturers to supply CFRP tubes for the construction of the primary reflector backup structure, which is a key component for maintaining the structure stability of the high accuracy reflector dishes.

Here are some of the pictures to show the progress of construction, pretty much from DAY 1 of the project toward the shipping of the antenna to Hawaii at the end of 2000. Please read the caption of each picture for details.

Antenna Construction Antenna Construction
goods850 Antenna at ARL, Sep 2000
ngc7027 Antenna at ARL, Oct 2000
hh211 Antenna 7 Shipment, Dec 2000


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