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Members in Taipei, Taiwan
Ho, Paul Distinguished Research Fellow
Specialty: Radio Astronomy
ASMAB1111 (02)2366-5311
Hirano, Naomi Research Fellow
Specialty: Radio Astronomy, Star formation & Interstellar matter
ASMAB1321 (02)2366-5448
Lee, Chin-Fei Deputy Director; Research Fellow
Specialty: Star formation and Stellar Evolution; Radio Observations and MHD Numerical Simulations
ASMAB1318 (02)2366-5445
Matsushita, Satoki Research Fellow
Specialty: Starbursts, AGNs, Site Testing, Phase Correction Methods, Commissioning for mm/submm Interferometers
ASMAB1417 (02)2366-5475
Ohashi, Nagayoshi Research Fellow (Temporary Transfer: Associate Director, Subaru Telescope of NAOJ in Hawaii)
Specialty: Star and Planet Formation, Molecular Cloud, Interferometer
Subaru Telescope of NAOJ in Hawaii
Wang, Wei-Hao Research Fellow
Specialty: Multiwavelength observational studies of galaxy formation and evolution at high redshift
ASMAB1210 (02)2366-5394
Sakamoto, Kazushi Associate Research Fellow (Tenured)
Specialty: Structure, Dynamics, and Evolution of Galaxies
ASMAB1415 (02)2366-5472
Liu, Sheng-Yuan Associate Research Fellow
Specialty: Star Formation, Astrochemistry
ASMAB1315 (02)2366-5440
Liu, Hau-Yu Assistant Research Fellow
Specialty: OB cluster formation; SMBH accretion; YSO jet variability; radio astrophysics
ASMAB1314 (02)2366-5439
Tang, Ya-Wen Assistant Research Fellow
Specialty: Radio inteferometry; Star formation; Polarimetry; circumstellar disk
ASMAB1219 (02)2366-5408
Chen, Tse-Jun Senior Research Engineer
Specialty: device processing
ASMAB1020 (02)2366-5350
Huang, Ted Senior Research Engineer
Specialty: Mechanical Engineering, Radio Receiver System, Project Management Professional
ASMAB1014 (02)2366-5342
Jiang, Homin Senior Research Engineer
Specialty: Digital Electronic Engineering Control Engineering
ASMAB1017 (02)2366-5347
Kuan, Yi-Jehng Joint Research Fellow; Dept. Earth Sciences, NTNU
Specialty: Astrochemistry, Molecular Astrophysics, Molecular Clouds and Astrobiology
NTNU (02-77346418)
Su, Yu-Nung Specialist/ALMA ARC Manager
Specialty: Star Formation and Radio Astronomy
ASMAB1103 (02)2366-5305
Hsieh, Pei-Ying Postdoc Fellow
Specialty: Galactic/Extragalactic Astronomy;Galactic dynamics; Galactic center
ASMAB1404 (02)2366-5462
Yan, Chi-Hung OIR/EPO Support Engineer
Specialty: OIR Image Pipeline, Radio Astronomy
ASMAB1025 (02)2366-5355
Chen, Chung-Cheng Technical Staff-SMA / AMiBA
Specialty: Electrical Engineering
ASMAB1026 (02)2366-5367
Chang, Shu-Hao Research Technician
Specialty: Electrical Engineering
ASMAB1026 (02)2366-5364
Chiu, Chuang Ping Technical Staff-SIS
Specialty: Mecahnical Engineering SIS Junction
ASMAB1006 (02)2366-5333
Yen, Sheng-Feng Assistant
Specialty: Electrical Engineering, Telescope operation.
ASMAB1208 (02)2366-5388
Members in Hilo, Hawaii
Rao, Ramprasad Receiver Support Engineer
Specialty: Researcher ; Magnetic Fields in Star Forming Regions ; Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Instrumentation ; Polarimetry
Hilo (808-961-2935)
Visiting scholars outside of IAA
Lai, Shih-Ping Visiting Scholar (Dept. Physics, NTHU)
Specialty: Astrophysics (Exp.), Star Formation
NTHU 519 (03-5742531)
Takakuwa, Shigehisa Visiting Scholar (Kagoshima University)
Specialty: Star Formation, Submillimeter Astronomy and Interferometry
Takahashi, Satoko Visiting Scholar (NAOJ/ALMA Project (Chile))
Specialty: Star formation; Radio Astronomy
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