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ASIAA SMA Call for Proposals

Call for Standard Science Proposals

Observing period : 2023 May 23 - 2023 Nov 15 (2023A semester)
Proposal deadline: 2023 March 3rd (Fri.) 5:00 AM in Taiwan

Status of the Array and Technical Information :

Call for SMA-Taiwan Student Thesis Proposals

This opportunity is open to researchers in Taiwanese institutions including ASIAA Hawaii.

The SMA-Taiwan (SMA-T) invites thesis programs requiring a substantial amount of time spreading over multiple semesters. The proposals of the students’ projects will be reviewed locally, i.e. separately from the regular proposals. The proposals request a bigger chunk of time (e.g., 5+ tracks) and the ones spread over the multi-semesters are also welcome.

Prospective PIs of the SMA-T key science projects need to submit a Notice of Intent (NoI) by E-mail to Naomi and Ya-Wen Tang upon or ahead of the submission on the SMA Observer Center. In the NoI, it is encouraged to specify the names of the supervisor/student, and the expected Month/Year of graduation.

Notice of Intent: E-mail to Naomi and Baobab upon or well ahead of the submission on SMAOC
Full submission: 2023 March 3rd (Fri.) 5:00 AN in Taiwan

Status of the Array and Technical Information :

TAC Members in Taiwan
Ya-Wen Tang(ASIAA, chair), Ya-Lin Wu (NTNU)

Ya-Wen Tang
posted on 2023 Feb 6th

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