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ASIAA SMA Call for Proposals

2019B Call for Standard Proposals

The ASIAA SMA Time Allocation Committee, with the CfA SMA TAC, solicit SMA observing proposals for the standard science observations:.

Observing period : 2019 Nov. 16 - 2020 May 15 (2019B semester)
Proposal deadline: 2019 Sep. 6 (Fri.) 4:00 CST, Sep. 5(Thu.) 10:00 HST

Joint Call for Proposals :
Status of the Array and Technical Information :
SMA proposal submission facility :

Call for SMA-Taiwan Key Science Proposals

This opportunity is open to the researchers in Taiwanese institutions including ASIAA Hawaii.

The SMA-Taiwan (SMA-T) invites key science programs requiring substantial amount of time spreading over the multiple semesters.

Prospective PIs of the SMA-T key science projects need to submit a Notice of Intent (NoI) in advance of the submission of a full proposal. The full proposal must be submitted by the deadline of the regular science proposals.

Notice of Intent: 2019 Aug. 8 (Thu.) 24:00 CST [closed]
Full submission: 2019 Sep. 6 (Fri.) 4:00 CST

Status of the Array and Technical Information :
Notice of Intent:
To submit a proposal, log in to your SMA Project Account, where you may create a new proposal (select "ASIAA Key") or edit an existing proposal draft.

Joint SMA TAC Members in Taiwan
Patrick Koch (ASIAA, chair), Wendy Tseng (NTNU)
SMA-T Enhanced TAC Members
Patrick Koch (ASIAA, chair), Wendy Tseng (NTNU), Hsi-Wei Yen (ASIAA), Wei-Hao Wang (ASIAA)

Naomi Hirano
posted on 2019 Aug. 12

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