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ASIAA SMA Call for Proposals

2019A Call for Large Scale and Standard Proposals

The ASIAA SMA Time Allocation Committee, with the CfA SMA TAC, solicit SMA observing proposals for Large Scale Projects and the standard science observations:.

Large Scale Projects proposals
Notice of Intent: 2019 Jan. 10
Full submission: 2019 Feb. 14 (Taiwan) / Feb. 13 (US)
Standard Observing Proposals
Observing period : 2019 May 16 - 2019 Nov 15 (2019A semester)
Proposal deadline: 2019 Mar. 7

Joint Call for Proposals :
Status of the Array and Technical Information :
SMA proposal submission facility :

2014-02-06: Proposal Advices to SMA Users

How to write strong proposals?
The advices to our local SMA users from the current SMA TAC-T members are here.
Please also refer to the proposal advices 2012 version (pdf)

Information for SMA Users in Taiwan

ASIAA and Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) have been joint ly evaluating their SMA proposals since 2008 fall. All of the information in the Joint Call for Proposals linked above apply to users in Taiwan. The following are supplemental information for our domestic users.

Share of Observing Time
The time allocation ratios for the three SMA partners, CfA:ASIAA:IfA, are 72:13:15. PIs from ASIAA should submit through the ASIAA queue to take advantage of the guaranteed time share of ASIAA.
Proposal Format
Proposals must be written in English. There are format rules; " The scientific justification is limited to a maximum of two US-letter sized page s of text (11pt or larger) plus two US-letter sized pages of figures, tables and references." Proposers are strongly encouraged to check their pdf fil es with AdobeReader for display problems or inclusion of non-English fonts befor e final submission.
Proposal Submission
All proposals must be submitted through the SMA proposal submission facility listed above. PIs in Taiwan or affiliated with a Taiwanese institute should select "ASIAA" for their "Proposal destination".
New Users
SMA is a complex instrument. Proposers without prior experience with the SMA or radio interferometry are encouraged to consult the SMA users around them or in ASIAA about their project.
Project for PhD Thesis
Because of the merger of the shares, there is no affirmative action for PhD thesis projects for domestic students any more, although students submitting SMA proposals for their thesis project may still mention the circumstance in their proposals.
Proposal Advices to SMA Users (pdf) (2014-02-06)
TAC Members in Taiwan
Patrick Koch (ASIAA, chair), Wendy Tseng (NTNU)

Naomi Hirano
posted on 201 Aug. 17

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