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2019-8-7: 2019B Call for Standard Proposals
The ASIAA SMA Time Allocation Committee, with the CfA SMA TAC, solicit SMA observing proposals for the standard science observations:
Observing period : 2019 Nov. 16 - 2020 May 15 (2019B semester)
Proposal deadline: 2019 Sep. 6 (Fri.) 4:00 AM CST

2019-7-9: Call for SMA-Taiwan Key Science Proposals
The SMA-Taiwan (SMA-T) invites key science programs requiring substantial amount of time spreading over the multiple semesters.
Notice of Intent: 2019 Aug. 8 (Thu.) 24:00 CST [closed]
Full submission: 2019 Sep. 6 (Fri.) 4:00 CST

2018-08-16 SMA-T TAC
Standard projects: Patrick Koch (ASIAA, chair), Wendy Tseng (NTNU)
Filler projects (extragalactic): Kazushi Sakamoto
Filler projects (Galactic): Naomi Hirano

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Project Description

Since 1996, Acade mia Sinica Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics (ASIAA) has been carrying o ut the Submillimeter Array (SMA) project in collaboration with the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observato ry (SAO). In November 2003, the array was dedicated on Mauna Kea, Hawaii by the previous Academia Sinica President Y. T. Lee and Smithsonian Institution Sec retary Larry Small. It consists of eight 6-meter antennas, with two of them (inc luding the associated electronics and receiver systems) delivered by ASIAA under close collaborations with university groups and industry in Taiwan.

As a partner of the SMA project, ASIAA contributes towards the maintenanc e and operation of the array on Mauna Kea. ASIAA has a small local staff residing in Hilo, Hawaii. In addition, the scientific and engi neering staff visits the site regularly, and conducts remote operation from Taip ei.

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