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SMA-Taiwan Key Science Projects

This opportunity is open to the researchers in Taiwanese institutions including ASIAA Hawaii.

The SMA-Taiwan (SMA-T) invites students' thesis programs requiring substantial amount of time spreading over the multiple semesters. The SMA-T student thesis project is aimed at providing opportunity of writing proposals, running observations, calibrating and imaging the data, and publishing his/her own data. Since the “duty-cycle” of the SMA is much shorter than that of ALMA, students can compete their projects within their limited timecsals, such as 2 years in their master course. The project will be conducted using the ASIAA time of the SMA, which is 13 % of the total SMA observing time. The proposals of the students’ projects will be reviewed locally, i.e. separately from the regular proposals. The review panel will have a stronger intent to improve/facilitate the program rather than merely criticizing it. The proposals request bigger chunk of time (5+ tracks) and the ones spread over the multi-semesters are also welcome.

The proposing and reviewing procedures are as follows.
  1. E-mail a notice of intent to Naomi Hirano and Baobab Liu
  2. Full submission of the proposals
  3. Evaluation by internal reviewers
  4. Sorting out the conflict of interest with the regular proposals by the joint SMA TAC (if necessary)
  5. (It is not impossible that the internal review panel makes some (strong) suggestions to change the experimental design)

Submission of Notice of Intent (NoI)
The main purpose of the NoI is to allow us to distinguish the student thesis program from the regular program. It would be extremely useful if the student who is going to lead the project can be identified and if the project timeline can be specified. If the PI or the PI's supervisor is (relatively) inexperienced with the SMA, we are also happy to assit the experimental design (e.g., mosaic planning or spectral setup, etc)

Submission of the proposals
The full proposals must be submitted by the deadline of the regular science proposals and on the SMA Observer Center (SMAOC).
Proposals are submitted through the My Projects page under each individual PI's SMA Project Account. The proposal should not exceed 4 pages, comprising up to 2 pages of scientific and technical justification, up to 2 pages of figures, tables and references. A management plan (e.g. timeline) may be provided. In addition, details of the observing plan and schedule should be included as an addendum to the proposal.

Progress report
We will actively follow-up with the PI and the supervisor(s) of the PI to ensure that the progress is not unnecessarily hindered due to some technical difficulties.

Baobab Liu
posted on 2021 Feb. 18

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